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KronSax [Detour]


KronSax is one of the most diverse, unique, and talented musicians that exists in the midwest today.  By combining the styles of jazz, reggae, and hip-hop, KronSax delivers an energetic flow over hard-hitting beats while topping it off with soulful saxophone solos guaranteed to make anyone groove up and down like a yo-yo.  When combined with friend, collaborator and St. Louis emcee Emkay, the duo forms Detour.  Emkay fills in the rhythm with guitar and piano while singing and rapping alongside KronSax.  Whether Kronsax or Detour, the music stands up for the generation of today while inspiring hope for the generation of tomorrow.

KronSax’s wide palette of musical abilities started with the saxophone at the young age of 10.  Only a few years later, Kron was singing in choir.  Kronsax continued choir and sax through high school and into college.  It was in college where KronSax really combined his personal interests in the “flowing with horn blowing” that he’s known for today.  Now, you can catch Kron performing frequently whether solo, as Detour, or even with OGP’s own Blake Gardner & The Farmers.  Furthermore, KronSax has shared the stage with reggae acts and good friends Austin Kolb Band.

Currently, KronSax is working on both a studio album (produced by OGP favorite HeezOnFire at North Village Recording) with Detour as well as a mixtape.  In an effort to let his fans stay connected and hear his music before both projects drop, Kron has released a slew of singles on the official KronSax Soundcloud page (  Make sure to stay up on Kron by subscribing to KronSax’s Feed!

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