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BGatF @ Ciceros (STL) 6.1.14

Blake Gardner & The Farmers are adding to their #LiveArcHive once again!  BGatF recently recorded the set from their KCOU [5/31/14] session. The KCOU live mix will feature all acoustic instruments including beat boxing from M. Luhn who’s appeared onstage with BGatF since BGatF first started out. Stay tuned for release announcements from[...]

6.1.14 Ciceros Flyer

Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be competing in Gorilla Music’s “Battle of the Bands” Sunday, June 1st, 2014.  The competition will be held at Ciceros (6691 Delmar Boulevard – St. Louis, 63130) and will feature 8 other bands with music starting at 4 PM. Come out and support BGatF’s first[...]