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End of World III

Blake Gardner & The Farmers recently co-headlined the 2016 End of World Music Festival held annually in Quincy, IL.  The event took place on Saturday September 24th, 2016 and went overnight into Sunday September 25th, 2016.  Also headlining the event after BGatF were good friends and veteran Quincy jam band,[...]

Scamp 2016

The votes are in!!!  Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be performing at the 2016 Summer Camp Music Festival after winning the Summer Camp on the Road Tour held on 1.23.16. This will be BGatF’s second year in a row at Scamp!  Check out pictures of BGatF from Scamp 2015 by[...]

1.23.16. @ RMH

Blake Gardner & The Farmers have been invited back to compete for the chance to play a set at the 2016 Summer Camp Music Festival held in Chillicothe, Illinois.  The competition will feature five local bands, including BGatF, and the winner will be based off of a fan vote.  Make sure to[...]