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Fresh Produce

BGatF + Surco | 1.5.19. | 50/Fifty Kitchen | St. Louis, MO

The dood Kyle Bicker from St. Louis based jam band Surco sat in with members of Blake Gardner & The Farmers for nearly two hours for BGatF’s debut at 50/Fifty Kitchen on Saturday January 5th, 2019!  Catch the group covering Ween’s “Roses Are Free” below! And if you haven’t already,[...]

8.22.15. Dusted Funk Music Festival

After playing at the 2015 Summer Camp and Wakarusa music festivals, Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be returning a little closer to home and perform at the 2015 Dusted Funk Music Festival presented by good friends, #CoMoReggae!!!  The DFMF will take place in Belle, MO at Water Mountain LLC[...]


The full Summer Camp Music Festival lineup is out now!!! Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be kicking off the music festival on THURSDAY, MAY 21st, at the CAMPING STAGE from 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. Make sure to check out our coverage from the Camp Counselors via The Campfire ([...]

BGatF's STUFFT @ Mojo's album art

Blake Gardner & The Farmers have announced a new live mix titled “STUFFT @ Mojo’s [9.4.14.]“.  Named for being one of the largest shows BGatF has had to date,  STUFFT is also the first set of recordings to feature KronSax performing live with BGatF.  KronSax adds a raging, energetic boost to BGatF’s[...]

BGatF @ Ciceros (STL) 6.1.14

Blake Gardner & The Farmers are adding to their #LiveArcHive once again!  BGatF recently recorded the set from their KCOU [5/31/14] session. The KCOU live mix will feature all acoustic instruments including beat boxing from M. Luhn who’s appeared onstage with BGatF since BGatF first started out. Stay tuned for release announcements from[...]