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SKANKED Track Listing

Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be releasing their second live mix of 2015 titled “SKANKED @ Rose Music Hall [6.26.15.]“.  SKANKED features a smaller band including Grantley on bass, KronSax on sax, Beefill on kit, and SDR on electric guitar.  Although a smaller version of BGatF, the performance is[...]

WAKKED Album Artwerk

Blake Gardner & The Farmers newest #LiveMix, WAKKED @ Rose Music Hall [2.12.15], is available now!  This is the live set from the Waka Winter Classic competition where BGatF won the opportunity to perform at Wakarusa 2015.  WAKKED features BGatF’s newest and unreleased (studio-wise) track, “Me + You” as well[...]