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S.T. The Cypher Overkill

Go ahead and ask yourself…What in the world is The Overkill Cypher?  Well, in the simplest of terms, The Overkill Cypher presented by BlueHouse Studio is a collaborative effort from some of the best representations of hip-hop and rap in the Midwest.  Amongst this all-star list of heartland talent includes emcees[...]

S.T. "Pound Cake" Freestyle Release 7.1.14

Artist S.T. will be releasing his first track since the release of #HomeDetention, Tuesday, July 1st, 2014.  The new song is a freestyle titled “Pound Cake” (originally done by Drake) in which S.T. challenges other artists and rappers for a response. “Pound Cake” will be released to S.T.’s SoundCloud and will[...]

Home Detention from S.T.

S.T. has just left another mark in the rap/hip-hop underground.  Following up from his last release #Flyght180, #HomeDetention offers a look at what the KC local has been up to – going even harder.  Hear for yourself.  Homie even threw it up on bandcamp for free.  While you’re at it,[...]