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BGatF @ Rose Music Hall WWC 2.12.15.

Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be performing in the Waka Winter Classic in Columbia, Missouri, for the chance to perform at the 2015 Wakarusa Music Festival! The show will be held Thursday, February 12th at Rose Music Hall and BGatF will be performing from 11:15 – 11:55. Check out the[...]


Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be joined by founding member Tim Schrautemeier for three different shows spanning from late August until mid October. Tim Schrautemeier was BGatF’s first drummer when forming as a full band towards the end of 2012.  While with BGatF, Tim provided the drums and percussion[...]

6.1.14 Ciceros Flyer

Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be competing in Gorilla Music’s “Battle of the Bands” Sunday, June 1st, 2014.  The competition will be held at Ciceros (6691 Delmar Boulevard – St. Louis, 63130) and will feature 8 other bands with music starting at 4 PM. Come out and support BGatF’s first[...]