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Relix Magazine: 2018 Jan/Feb Cover

Blake Gardner & The Farmers newly released single “Feelin’ Fine” is featured in the sampler of the 2018 January/February issue of Relix Magazine!  BGatF is featured alongside up-and-coming artists throughout the country.  Spotify users can listen to the Sampler Playlist (linked below).  Make sure to give it a listen and let us[...]

Scare Crow - Tracy Hutton

Blake Gardner & The Farmers have officially released their newest single “Feelin’ Fine”.  The single is a feature from their upcoming album being recorded with HeezOnFire (“Summer Mix” 2012, “Cricked Roots” 2014) at North Village Recording (Columbia, MO).  This will be BGatF’s second studio album following their freshman release “Cricked[...]


Blake Gardner & The Farmers will be returning to Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, IL for the 3rd year in a row to perform at the 2017 Summer Camp Music Festival!  BGatF will be playing on Thursday May 25th for the  SCamp Pre-Party! Stage and set time TBA!  Check back[...]

Summer Camp on the Road 2017

Blake Gardner & The Farmers will once again be competing for the chance to play at the Summer Camp Music Festival this year! The winner of the competition will be chosen by popular vote from concert-goers so make sure to come out so you can cast your vote for #BGatF![...]